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Total commitment, a concrete and achievable utopia, forms the strategy and vision behind Xpd’s new advertising and brand positioning campaign: The Crash Tested Boots.

Xpd was born in 2000 as a new brand of racing boots with the aim of expanding Spidi’s decades-long expertise in the production of suits and gloves to the protection of both MotoGP riders and passionate motorcyclists’ feet. For this reason, each and every boot model undergoes rigorous resistance tests that used to be carried out exclusively on suits, gloves, and protections.

Xpd’s products are born on the motorcycle racing circuits, designed to be used in the most extreme conditions, at the highest speeds, where the line between safety and danger is razor-thin. The company’s goal is to stay ahead of the times and respond as effectively and swiftly as possible to changes, both in terms of evolving technologies and materials used in existing products and in terms of product range expansion. Hence, in collaboration with sponsored riders, specifically Joe Roberts, a Moto2 rider for the Italian Ital Trans team, the idea of subjecting boots to crash tests was born. But, as architect Louis Sullivan, one of the primary designers of early skyscrapers, once wrote, form must follow function and purpose. Therefore, “The Crash Tested Boots” campaign showcases how Xpd faces new technological challenges, anticipating trends, and merging the functional sphere with the aesthetic one, leveraging Italian design and style: Italy is one of the world’s symbolic countries in the realm of motorcycling: thanks to the support of the Italian mechanical industry, Italian riders have been dominating the scene since the 1950s, securing the most podium positions overall. “The Crash Tested Boots” demonstrates the performance capabilities of Xpd footwear as well as their beauty.

The underlying strategy answers the questions: why do we exist? What contribution do we make to the world of motorcycling? And with what real impact? Xpd exists to ensure motorcyclists have safety for their feet, without compromising on comfort and style. Xpd’s vision is a world in which motorcyclists don’t suffer foot fractures or injuries. The Xpd brand is an international guarantee of products designed to deliver specific performance in real-life situations, incomparably functional and aesthetically astonishing, created from the experience and specific knowledge of Italian motorcycling to enable motorcyclists to move, travel, and compete in speed and comfort but above all, in safety.

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