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Speed on wheels

For total foot protection.

Our history

Spidi’s forty-five years know-how in motorbike racing, at your feet since 2000.

Suzuka, 2000. Home hero Norifumi Abe wins the 500cc Japanese GP: a great success also for Spidi, the company manufacturing his leather suits, gloves and protective devices, providing that extreme level of protection to many racers around the world. The GP was also attended by Nicola Dalla Grana, President of Spidi, who that weekend – marked by many accidents hitting racers’ feet – understood the same commitment, the same technology had to be applied to footwear protection: there were still too many injuries – even compromising an entire career – to that part of the body.
And that’s how we were born. In 2000 Nicola Della Grana founded Xpd, a new brand of racing boots, designed to expand Spidi’s decades-long know-how, in the production of overalls and gloves, to protect the feet of professionals and today also of amateurs.

For over 20 years, our work has been based on the concrete need to fully protect the rider, improving race performance and protecting the health of the feet. These features mean that racers can enjoy their rides and compete at high speed in comfort, without sacrificing maximum safety.
To do this, in recent years we have strengthened our research department, which is responsible for developing each individual material by carefully analyzing the many data from tests performed on the track, by the Xpd team riders, and from our internal laboratory, specialized in crash tests.

From this research, we also create many products for touring and sport motorcycle shoes for everyday use. Protection in extreme conditions and at thrilling speeds can thus be made available to even the most amateur two-wheel enthusiasts.
Xpd’s goal is to be ahead of the times and respond as quickly and effectively as possible to changes, both for the evolution of technologies and materials used on existing products, and for the extension of the range.

Why Xpd

It doesn’t matter how fast you ride or how you move, with Xpd boots you have the opportunity to obtain maximum safety and protection for your feet.
Whether on a scooter, motorcycle or skateboard, the role of the foot is essential to ensure stability, movement and balance. When you ride a motorbike, thanks to your feet, you can perform many actions. For this reason, the feet can be considered as one of the components of the body most exposed to injury. Choosing Xpd boots means protecting these parts of the body and obtaining a fusion between functionality and performance.

Our products have all the characteristics you are looking for: design, quality, Made in Italy aesthetics, reliability and safety. We use techniques, knowledge and features dedicated to high-speed motorcycle racing, even to develop boots and shoes intended for amateur two-wheel lovers or road travelers.
For these reasons, we have designed and created different products for different types of two-wheeled mobility. The purpose? Offer boots that protect your feet to freely enjoy track rides or motorcycle tours.
In addition, Xpd products are subjected to various tests on resistance to the most extreme situations. These studies are comparable to crash tests in which cars, motorcycles and protective helmets are tested. Impact, abrasion, water proofing and tearing are just some examples of tests we constantly run.
Xpd is the perfect answer for anyone looking for a reliable and robust product to protect their feet. Thanks to many years of experience and materials that have passed various tests, Xpd is the ideal choice for all motorcycle enthusiasts.


Inspired by the innovative design, culture and all-Italian knowledge in the field of motorcycling, Xpd will create a solid offer in all sectors of wheeled mobility, focusing research on maximum safety and innovation to provide riders with the best boots to protect their feet and freely enjoy their ride.

Our brand and our products are born on race tracks, where riders are called to push themselves to the limits of the extreme and where a foot injury can cost an entire season.

This is why our reason for living is foot protection in any condition. But we don’t just stop at racing. Our most demanding race is to keep up with the times, satisfying the needs of those who travel in this ever-changing world, on any type of two-wheeled vehicle. Anyone who loves traveling “speed on wheels” has one certainty: with Xpd they can do it safely.


We at Xpd have always been synonymous with innovation and avant-garde. This is possible thanks to an innovative plan that consists of investing in studies, crash tests and modern laboratories. All these tools are essential for studying advanced solutions and for guaranteeing maximum protection and comfort for motorcyclists in all conditions. Whether racing on the track, on the street or on the road.
To achieve this, we decided to apply the crash test concept to boots as well. In fact, these studies in the past were mainly used for the resistance of helmets and protections, but not for other safety components, such as boots.
Hence, the subjecting of each boot model to rigorous resistance tests. In this way, we guarantee the rider that the product can protect the feet from the consequences of accidents or falls. Some of these are impact, fabric abrasion, water and tear tests.
But Xpd's innovation doesn't stop there.

We are a company that lives for the spirit of motors, adrenaline, grit and competitiveness but, at the same time, we care about the future and want to find more sustainable solutions to protect our customers and the environment.
We are constantly looking for new materials and advanced technologies to improve the performance of each product. Also, aiming for a more sustainable future for two-wheel lovers.
The aim is also to create increasingly functional and aesthetically pleasing products, thanks to the constant search for new technical and design solutions. Our mission is to offer motorcyclists the best in terms of protection and comfort, without sacrificing Made in Italy style.
We are proud to be the first motorcycle footwear brand to subject our products to such rigorous tests, and we will continue to invest in innovation and research to guarantee our customers the highest quality and safety. Choose Xpd, the brand that always looks to the future!