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XP9-S racing boots, Italian design and technology at your feet

The Xpd range of boots and shoes now welcomes the brand-new XP9-S, the ideal solution for riders with a sporty and racing soul who seek comfort, performance and protection from their footwear. The XP9-S is born from Xpd’s two-decade R&D experience in the world of racing and combines Italian design, technology and careful material selection, positioning it as a reference product in the racing world. Versatile and durable, they will be available on the market in 3 colors: red, blue, and black, with the addition of the XP9-S Air variant in white/black with a perforated upper.

Cutting Through the Unexpected

ur boots undergo numerous tests and the XP9-S is no exception. They have obtained CE certification EN 13634:2017, passing all required tests with flying colors. To test them even further, we handed them over to Joe Roberts, who decided to use them… as brakes.

No Achilles’ Heel

On the track having no weak points is crucial. Only then one can dare to push harder, give more throttle and paint corners with the skill of a two-wheeled artist. The external plastic protections on the shin, calf, and heel areas offer maximum protection in case of impact. Now, the only ones left shocked are those who see you ride so well.

Sweat? Out of Your Feet!

Performing on a motorcycle is an activity that consumes a lot of energy, but not the kind that makes you sweat. Fortunately, the XP9-S boots feature a replaceable antibacterial Air Tech Sensitive Fit insole that promotes sweat dissipation, allowing you to focus solely on your riding. This is further aided by the dedicated air intakes located on the front plate and heel counter. After all, to perform at your best, you should never forget to breathe.