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A new Xpd model has been launched… from a skyscraper. They are Moto-1 and Moto Pro Xpd, the first sneakers by Xpd. Joe Roberts, after putting many Xpd motorcycle boots and shoes to the test, decided to give the same treatment to the brand’s new sneaker model. Want to know how it went? Watch the video.

New Moto-1 and Moto Pro: sneakers for two-wheeled enthusiasts

Sneakers have always been a style icon, but when it comes to motorcycling, protection and safety are crucial. That’s why the Xpd brand has launched its latest creations, the Moto-1 and Moto Pro, the first sneakers by Xpd. These motorcycle shoes are designed to meet the needs of two-wheeled enthusiasts, offering exceptional performance without compromising on style.

A unique style that doesn’t sacrifice functionality

There are shoes that catch the eye with their style. There are other shoes that are more functional, putting aesthetics in the background to focus on different features, like comfort. Then there are the new Moto-1 and Moto Pro by Xpd, which, within a fresh and contemporary style, encompass uncommon performance in a sneaker. These motorcycle shoes are a perfect blend of fashion and functionality.

The Moto-1 and Moto Pro by Xpd feature an appealing design that fits perfectly into urban life and current trends. They are available in a variety of colors and finishes that suit every personal style, allowing you to express your personality even when you’re on your bike or engaged in commuting on other two-wheeled means.

Protection hidden beneath captivating design

What makes the Moto-1 and Moto Pro unique is that they do not look like traditional motorcycle shoes. At first glance, you might mistake them for ordinary sneakers, but when you wear them and examine them up close, you realize they are much more. Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure maximum protection. Inside the shoes, between the lining and the upper, you will find protections to be typically seen on motorcycle boots.

The Moto-1 and Moto Pro offer complete foot protection during riding. They are CE certified EN 13634:2017 for upper abrasion and cut resistance. These certifications guarantee that the shoes have undergone rigorous testing and have met the highest safety standards.

Comfort without compromise

The Moto-1 and Moto Pro are designed to provide lasting comfort. The Ortholite® insole offers superior cushioning and good breathability, keeping your feet fresh and dry even during long days on the road. Additionally, the beathable fabric lining promotes air circulation, helping maintain a comfortable temperature for your feet.

Details designed for motorcycling

The Moto-1 features a lace-up closure, while the Moto Pro also includes a velcro strap for a secure and adjustable fit. This allows you to adapt the shoe closure to your preferences and the ergonomics of your foot.

The upper of the Moto-1 Leather is made of leather, which not only gives the shoes an elegant look but also provides additional protection against abrasions and impacts.

Sole and grip

The touring sole of the Moto-1 and Moto Pro is made of Michelin® rubber, ensuring excellent grip on every surface. Whether you’re on the road or off-road, these shoes will provide the stability and grip needed for safe riding. The Michelin® sole offers reliable traction on various terrains, allowing you to confidently tackle any road challenge.

Maximum protection

The Moto-1 and Moto Pro feature a polyurethane ankle shield to protect the ankle from impacts. This extra protection ensures that the vulnerable area of the ankle joint is adequately safeguarded while riding. Additionally, the shoes have reinforced areas in the toe and heel and they have a dedicated insole for motorcycle use, guaranteeing maximum foot stability on the footpeg.

Perfect for both motorcycling and city life

The Moto-1 and Moto Pro by Xpd are not only ideal for motorcyclists but also perfectly suited for urban life, meeting all the needs of scooter riders and green commuters. Whether you use an electric motorcycle or an electric scooter, these shoes will offer the protection and comfort needed to navigate urban streets.

During city commuting, it is important to have shoes that are comfortable for walking but also provide the protection and durability necessary to handle road conditions. The Moto-1 and Moto Pro combine a sturdy sole and reliable grip with exceptional comfort, allowing you to move around agilely and safely.

Furthermore, thanks to their versatile design and the variety of available colors, the Moto-1 and Moto Pro seamlessly fit into your urban lifestyle. You can wear them while riding and easily transition to other daily activities without changing shoes.


The Xpd Moto-1 and Moto Pro are an exceptional option for two-wheeled enthusiasts who want to combine style, protection and comfort. These motorcycle sneakers offer cutting-edge safety features without compromising on aesthetics. Whether you are a passionate motorcyclist or an urban commuter who also prefers green two-wheeled transportation, the Moto-1 and Moto Pro by Xpd are the ideal choice. Don’t compromise on your safety and style when it comes to choosing the right shoes for your two-wheeled adventure.